AUGUST 13-14



Road To
The Championship

Sign up for 3 of the 5 Sanctional events.
Accumulate points at each event.
Earn an invite to the State Championship.
  • April 30 - May 1


    Spartacus is back! Hosted by CrossFit The Point in Bluffdale, UT, this epic event will kick off the Santional season! CFTP has a great history of putting on awesome events and we're proud to be bringing it back as part of the Fittest season. SIGN UP HERE!

  • May 22

    The O.U.R. Spring Classic

    Compete for a CAUSE! CrossFit O.U.R. is a pillar of the Utah CrossFit community and is the host of the second Sanctional event of the season. O.U.R. is a first-class organization and often receives national attention for the CrossFit events it puts on. We couldn't be more excited to have them as an event-partner for Fittest. The event will be hosted at the CrossFit O.U.R box in Draper, UT. SIGN UP HERE!

  • June 12

    The RxFIT+ Classic

    Fittest is coming to Springville, UT! RxFIT is a huge part of the local CrossFit community with multiple locations in Utah County and has a history of putting on great competitions! They've got an exceptional event team, and we couldn't be happier to have them hosting the third Sanctional event of the season. SIGN UP HERE!

  • July 3

    Rockwell Freedom Fitness Festival

    Kick off the July 4th weekend with a patriotic punch! Nothing says "I'm proud to be an American" like burpees and thrusters! The Rockwell brand and lifestyle will be on full display as these guys built an entire business on just being cool. Hosted by Rockwell CrossFit in Woods Cross, UT, this fourth Sanctional event of the season is going to be a party you don't want to miss! SIGN UP HERE!

  • July 24

    CFL Summer Sanctional

    The fifth and final Sanctional event of the season will be hosted by CrossFit Lehi in Lehi, UT. Get ready for some fierce and intence competition as the results of this event will determine who will and won't make it to State Championship! Truly a high-class organization, we are honored to partner with CFL for this event! SIGN UP HERE!

  • August 13-14

    Fittest In Utah

    State Championship

    The crowning event of the season! The top 15 athletes in each division will be invited to a 2-day championship event held at the outdoor sports complex at Rockwell Headquarters in Woods Cross, Utah. After 5 months and 6 events, the winner here will be crowned Fittest In Utah!

A Test
For Champions

At the State Championship, your fitness will be tested both inside and outside the gym.
Capacity, strength, and skill are all required to be crowned Fittest in Utah.

Prepare to Run

Prepare to Lift

Prepare to Burpee


How do I qualify for the State Championship?
Points will be awarded to the athletes based on their finishing place in each of the Sanctional competitions they participate in. At each Sanctional, 100 Points will be awarded to the first-place finisher, 90 Points will be awarded to the second-place finisher, and so on with the tenth place finisher receiving 10 points. Points will be added up from your three highest finishes in the Sanctional events and that will be your Total Season Score. The athletes with the highest Total Season Score will qualify for the Fittest in Utah - State Championship.
What if I can't participate in the sanctional season because I'm training for the CrossFit quarter-finals, semi-finals, or AGOQ?
We are reserving 5 spots per division for the top 5 finishers in The Open in their respective age groups. We want our best athletes to be able to pursue their goals in making it as far as possible in the CrossFit season without having to give up their oppurtunity to compete for the title of Fittest In Utah. For all the athletes who make it to the quarter-finals, semi-finals, AGOQ, and the Games, we'll be rooting for you!
What is a Sanctional event?
A Sanctional is a qualifier event put on and hosted by one of our event partners and sanctioned by The Fittest League. Athletes participate in Sanctionals in order to qualify for the Fittest In Utah - State Championship.
How many Sanctionals do I need to participate in?
Your three highest Sanctional finishes will be used to create the Total Season Score that qualifies you to the Fittest In Utah - State Championship. You may sign up for more or less. There is no required amount, but participating in at least 3 events will give you the best chance to qualify.
How do I register for the Sanctional events?
Each event has its own registration site hosted on Competition Corner. You can find registration links for each event in the Road To The Championship section above.
How do I register for the Fittest In Utah - State Championship?
After the conclusion of the final Sanctional, invitations for the State Championship will be sent out directly to the qualifying athletes.
What divisions are included for these events?
For the 2021 season, we will be including 6 divisions total, 3 divisions for men and 3 divisions for women. There will be an Rx division (18 - 34 and Rx the Open), a Masters division (35+ and Rx the Open), and a scaled division (all ages and scale the Open). For masters, your division will be determined by your age as of July 14, 2021.
Am I good enough to participate in these events?
The difficulty level of the workouts will be similar to The Open. If you can do The Open Rx, you'll be just fine.